New Robot Is Automatically Burning Donald Trump’s Tweets

@burnedyourtweet robot burning Donald Trump's tweets

Donald Trump is arguably the most controversial president in America’s long history. He has many staunch supporters and just as many – if not more – passionate haters. Nowhere is this seen more than on Trump’s twitter handle which has emerged as his preferred communication channel.

A new robot, @burnedyourtweet, has set a new high for the “anti-Trump” movement. This robot seems to automatically print every new Trump’s tweet, snip it off, and then set it ablaze before dumping it into a nearby ashtray.

Since its inception, the @burnedyourtweet account has set ablaze several tweets from Donald Trump including one announcing new jobs from investments in three Ford plants in Michigan, and another one accusing Hilary Clinton of possible ties to Russia.

See the robot torch some of the tweets below:

@burnedyourtweet sets alight Donald Trump’s tweet accusing Hillary Clinton of ties to Russia:

Donald Trump’s tweet about new jobs is set ablaze by the the robot:

The creator of the robot has so far remained anonymous. In one of the few real tweets – other than the ones burning Trump’s dispatches – they say that @burnedyourtweet is “…a robot that automatically prints and burns trump’s tweets”.

We shall wait and see how far this robot goes.