Trump is selling a New T-shirt and It Has Left America Confused

The "Shut the fake up media" T-shirt is on sale at Trump Tower Gift Shop

Trump is never shy of controversy, or so it seems. From making outrageous claims against refugees and immigrants, to refusing to disclose his tax statements, Trump is always making the headlines.

The launch of a new T-shirt targeting what Trump is fond of referring to as “fake media” has further entrenched this controversy. Printed on the Tee are the words, “Shut the fake up media”. It is available for sale in the Trump Tower Gift Shop, New York.

Ever since Edward-Isaac Dovere, the Chief Washington Correspondent for Politico, posted a tweet with a picture of the t-shirt, there has been mixed reactions in the social circles, in particular twitter. Some people hold that the designer got the T-shirt message all wrong and that the “Up” should come after media: as in, “shut the fake media up”.

Others think that the message on the t-shirt was a clever play with the F*** word, which would translate to, “shut the f*** up media”. This latter case is likely true and hardly surprising given the rough relationship that Trump has so far had with the mainstream media, which he has on various occasions accused of broadcasting “fake news”.Reaction to Trump's fake media t-shirt

I wonder what your take is on the intended or real meaning of this t-shirt. For me, it would be the latter.