VIDEO: Donald Trump Says “We Don’t Make Mistakes”, Then Makes the Most Basic One Immediately

Donald Trump

While addressing a meeting with representatives from the US law enforcement unions on Tuesday 28, Donald Trump explained the importance of not making mistakes on live television saying:

“All this live television, it’s always live for me. You know unfortunately for the other guys they make a speech and nobody cares, but for me everything is live. One mistake and it’s no good. But we just can’t make mistakes, right? So we don’t make mistakes.”

There is really no problem with this, but what followed will leave you in awe:

Go ahead, Ken” Trump said to the guy seated next to him, only for the gentleman to introduce himself as follows:

“I’m Chuck Canterbury of the National President of the Fraternal Order of Police from South Carolina.”

Watch the video below:

That is a stupid mistake, right? Yes, it is, except that Trump didn’t make a mistake this time according to CNBC’s Steve Kopack. Kopack came to Trump’s rescue saying that “Kenneth” is the actual name of Chuck Canterbury

CNBC’s Steve Kopack defends president Trump

If the official transcript is anything to go by, though, there is a good reason to doubt the authenticity of this claim. Trump’s crew erased the Ken bit as though nothing happened:

Snippet of Donald Trump's speech transcript

Or did Trump sign an executive order changing Chuck’s name to Ken as one William Francis says on Twitter?

William's tweet

Well, maybe.