How to Remove Safaricom skiza Tunes

How to Remove Skiza Tunes from Safaricom Line

Having a skiza tune enabled on your Safaricom line is a great way to entertain your callers. How many times have you yourself got lost in the tone at the other end of the line – probably smiling – only to be disrupted by the response from the destination phone? Still, you may find your current skiza tune not interesting anymore. This article will show you how to remove skiza tunes from your Safaricom line.

Why You Would Want To Delete a Skiza Tune

The purpose of this article is to share with you how to delete skiza tunes, but before that, let us briefly delve into some of the reasons why you may want to deactivate or unsubscribe from the service.

  • Outdated theme. For example, a Christmas Carole sounds misplaced in April; an Easter song may be a better option in the Easter season.
  • Cost: A skiza tune costs 75 cents a day for ordinary skiza tunes, and KES 1 for the premium skiza tune. You may want to stop the skiza tune if you feel this is too much a daily dent to your airtime.
  • You no longer like the skiza tone you currently have. For example, the song may have been a great hit but is not hot anymore. In that case, you want to remove the old skiza tune and replace it with something you currently like if not unsubscribe from the skiza tunes service altogether.
  • To reflect your changed views and stand. For example, if you currently joined the workplace, got devoted to the church (e.g. got saved), changed religion, fell in love, got married, etc., you may want to change your skiza tune to be a reflection of your new stand or viewpoint.
  • Monotony: You may feel that the skiza tone has been on your Safaricom line for way too long and want to change it.

How to Remove Skiza Tunes from Phone on Safaricom Line

There are basically two ways in which you can remove skiza tunes from your Safaricom line. The first method is easier as it doesn’t require you to know the “skiza tune code” for the tune you want to delete. If you know the skiza tune code for the song you want to deactivate, however, the second option is probably faster.

Method 1

Here is the first way and probably the easiest way to unsubscribe from skiza tunes. It comes in handy when you have forgotten the code.

  1. Dial *811#. This will connect you to the Skiza tune menu on your Safaricom line.
  2. Select the “Manage My tunes” option, then click send.
  3. On the next menu, select “Skiza Tunes”.
  4.  Select the entry corresponding to the Skiza tune you want to remove, then press “Send”. For my case it was 1 for Amarulah.
  5. Select “Delete” option and click send. At the moment of this writing, this is option number 2.
  6. If you have another skiza tune that you want to disable, follow steps 1 through to 4 again.

Method 2

The second way to delete a skiza tune is outlined below:

  1. Go to “Compose Messages” on your phone.
  2. Select 811 as the recipient of your new message.
  3. In the message body, type in DELETE SkizaCode. In my case, for example, I typed in DELETE 1066109 to delete my Amarulah skiza tune. That is it. You will now get a text message from Safaricom indicating that the tone has been deleted from your album.
  4. Follow steps 1 through to 3 if you want to stop other skiza tones on your Safaricom line.

There you have it. That is all it takes to remove a skiza tune from your phone. Removing all skiza tunes from your phone will essentially deactivate or unsubscribe you from this Safaricom service.

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